Armadillum jewelry based in Portland, Oregon was founded by Devi Morris; owner, designer and maker who wants to share her creations with the world one piece at a time.

I named the company Armadillum after the pillbug, Armadillidium vulgare. In my childhood I remember finding these dear creatures under a rock, all rolled up into beautiful spheres of armor. My fascination with structure and nature led to my studies in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Architecture. Later in life, organic forms and the principle, form follows function, evolved into main inspirations for my jewelry designs.

All my jewelry is hand fabricated or cast in small batches and held to high standards of craftsmanship. I put my heart and energy into every piece with the intention that you will adorn yourself with a precious piece of my armor.

svabhavo vijayati iti shauryam
the true heroism is to conquer your own true nature

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